COVID-19 UPDATE August 2, 2021

Due to break through infections observed in people vaccinated for COVID, we are returning to our curbside service as of 8/2/2021.


We have small exam rooms at the Eye Clinic which makes social distancing difficult. We are concerned to avoid disruption of service due to our fully booked schedule for many months in advance. We plan to return to indoor service when my staff and I feel it is safe for you and for us.


Please call us at (360) 866-0931 when you arrive at the Eye Clinic whether for an appointment or a medication pickup. Mask use is required for delivery of your pet or medications. For your convenience an air conditioned/heated waiting room with rest room and water is available on the left side of the Eye Clinic marked Suite B. 


Make sure you have a charged cell phone prior to arriving. Bring your pet's medications, cone, neck collar, and/or harness. Cats should be in carriers and dogs on leashes. No retractable leashes please.


Thank you for your patience and trust in our eye services for your pets.


Dr Pennie Cooley and the Eye Clinic For Animals Staff