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Why does my pet need to see an ophthalmologist?

Your pet has been referred to the Eye Clinic for examination with specialized ophthalmology equipment and expertise for diagnosis and treatment for your pet’s eye problem. Unlike your family veterinarian, ophthalmologists only treat eye problems, and act as an extension of the care given by your family veterinarian.


Can my family veterinarian recheck my pet?

If your pet has an eye condition requiring specialized ophthalmology equipment and knowledge base, then rechecks are recommended to be performed at the Eye Clinic. If your pet’s eye problem does not require specialty eye services, then your pet is referred back to your family veterinarian.


How do I obtain prescription refills?

Depending upon the medication prescribed, your pets prescription may be refillable either through your family veterinarian, a pharmacy, or the Eye Clinic. Call the Eye Clinic or have the prescription refill form faxed to the Eye Clinic if your pet needs a medication refill.


Can my pet see color?

Dogs, cats, and horses have cone photoreceptors in their retinas that can distinguish colors of blues and yellows. They have an abundance of rod photoreceptors for detecting shades of gray and fine movement in dim illumination.


What is the process for cataract surgery?

Your pet is examined by the ophthalmologist to determine if your pet is a potential cataract surgery candidate. In this appointment all the issues of cataract surgery are discussed with you.


Your pet must be a candidate for general anesthesia in order to undergo cataract surgery. CBC chemistry blood tests may be taken either by your family veterinarian or the Eye Clinic, to help assess anesthetic risk.


Depending upon the results of the eye examination, additional diagnostic testing may be recommended.


Additional diagnostic testing may include gonioscopy, ultrasonography, and possibly electroretinography. After the additional diagnostic tests are performed, a date for cataract surgery and postoperative appointments are scheduled.


What forms of payments do we accept?

A. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Care Credit.

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