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Frequently referred patients include those with:

  • erosions that fail to heal after 2 weeks

  • ulcers that are failing to heal or are progressing rapidly

  • cataract formation and abnormalities of the lens

  • ocular inflammation (dry eye, episcleritis, keratitis, uveitis)

  • ocular trauma

  • glaucoma suspect

  • vision loss

  • eyelid defects

  • corneal opacity

  • membrane nictitans gland prolapse

  • ocular foreign bodies

  • ocular tumors


Welcome to the Eye Clinic for Animals referral ophthalmology service. We aim to serve as an extension of your patients care as the referring veterinarian. All non ophthalmic questions or procedures are referred back to the referring veterinarian, as are ophthalmic procedures usually performed by the primary veterinarian (such as enucleation).


When to Refer

Guidelines for referring a patient to an ophthalmologist include

-If you are uncertain of the diagnosis or etiology

-If your patient is not responding well to treatment

-If your patient requires specialized ophthalmic diagnostic equipment, surgical equipment, medical and/or surgical expertise


How to Refer

Send medical records of the patient via fax at (360) 867-1269 or email to Please make sure that all current therapeutics are listed (ocular and non ocular) as well as the specific eye history. Indicate if muzzling or tranquilization has been required at your clinic, report any drug reactions or anesthetic concerns for the patient, and send the most recent cbc/chemistry in your record.


If you feel your patient has an ophthalmic emergency call the Eye Clinic (360) 866-0931. The ophthalmologist can be paged to discuss treatment before the pet is seen and the Eye Clinic Staff can be notified for earliest appointment.


Please request that the owner fill out the Schedule an Appointment form on our website and submit to us.


Referral Letter

You will receive a referral letter promptly after the new exam and after each subsequent recheck. For small animals, the letter is usually sent as the client is leaving the Eye Clinic. For large animals, the letter is usually sent within 24 hours of the exam. The referral letter will be sent to you either by fax or email (depending upon what you specify) to the Eye Clinic staff.


Thank You

We at the Eye Clinic sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your patients. 

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