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Scheduling an Appointment

The Eye Clinic for Animals is currently booking several months out for new appointments. We are NOT an emergency clinic. We have only one doctor. After careful review of your information and your veterinarian’s information, we triage new patient appointments to give the next appointment cancellation time to the pets most in need. We will not get back to you until we have received your veterinarian’s records for the recent eye problem. 


It is important to fill out this form so that we can schedule your pet. After sending us the below information, please contact your veterinarian promptly to have your pet records emailed or faxed to Eye Clinic. To schedule a new appointment, pet records from your veterinarian are required. To schedule a recheck appointment, new records are required if you have seen your veterinarian for a new eye problem since the last recheck at the Eye Clinic.

When you are called to schedule a new appointment you will need to provide a credit card number to hold the appointment. Cancellations made during the business day prior or before, will have no charge. If the pet does not show for the appointment, or is too late for the appointment that day, an exam fee will be charged. 

We are currently not making New large animal exam appointments.

We are not seeing new OFA eye exams at this time. For new patients requesting OFA testing, please see for options. 

Thank you! We will call you shortly to set up a time regarding this appointment.

-Eye Clinic for Animals



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