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Your family veterinarian referred you to the Eye Clinic for our experience, specialized equipment, and techniques in ophthalmology.


Services provided by the Eye Clinic are only related to your pet’s eye condition. Please discuss all other health care questions regarding your pet with your family veterinarian.


After performing a complete ophthalmic exam with specialized ophthalmic instrumentation, we assist you in choosing the optimal therapeutic course to best suit your pet and your family’s needs. Surgery is discussed if therapy alone will not provide eye comfort and/or vision.


> Services Not Requiring General Anesthesia


> Surgical Services


> Fees


“Dr. Cooley and her staff are the best!  She has treated five of our Siberian Huskies over the past 9 years for issues ranging from juvenile cataracts to eye injuries, glaucoma, not to mention doing genetic eye screens for some of the others. The best example is Brooks who had cataract surgery at 2 and is still happily visual at 11. She has always fully informed us of options, answered all of our questions with complete explanations, and accommodated unexpected and urgent needs. We have absolute confidence in her judgment and skills. We could not do better for our furry kids.” 

~ Deb Dearinger

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