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Small Animal Clinic Entrance

We are a referral specialty ophthalmology practice dedicated to providing compassionate, high quality eye care for your pet.


Your family veterinarian referred you to Eye Clinic for Animals for our experience, specialized equipment, and techniques in ophthalmology. Services provided by the Eye Clinic for Animals are only related to your pet’s eye condition. Please discuss all other health care questions regarding your pet with your family veterinarian.


After performing a complete ophthalmic exam with specialized ophthalmic instrumentation, we assist you in choosing the optimal therapeutic course to best suit your pet and your family’s needs. Surgery is discussed if therapy alone will not provide eye comfort and/or vision.


We are committed to clearly communicate the ophthalmic exam findings and recommendations with you and your family veterinarian.


We send a printed report of your pet’s exam, diagnosis, medications prescribed, and discussion of your pet’s eye condition with you before you leave the Eye Clinic. A report is sent to your family veterinarian, promptly after each visit.



“Over the past  22 years, I have had four spaniels (two Cockers, and two English Springers), treated by Dr. Cooley and her staff. From cataract surgery to glaucoma care, eyelid surgery, dry eye treatment, and all of the continuing follow up needed in each case, I am convinced that they have received the finest care that I could have provided them. I would highly recommend the Eye Clinic for Animals, and Dr. Cooley to anyone who needs eye care for their animals."

~ Lee Penniston

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