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To make a new appointment fill out the Schedule An Appointment Form and submit.  If you have not heard back from us within 2 business days, call (360) 866-0931. Pets needing recheck appointments can also use this form or call (360) 866-0931 Monday through Thursday 9:00-5:00 pm and Friday 9:00-1:00pm. 


Please ask your referring veterinarian to send a copy of your pets medical record including recent eye treatments, laboratory tests, and other medications your pet may currently be taking.


Small Animal Patients

For small animal patients, expect 30-45 minutes for the initial examination. If additional testing is necessary, this time may be longer.

Bring all of your pets medications, Elizabethan collars (cone), neck collars, and harnesses to the examination. Please inform us if your pet has required sedation or use of a muzzle by your family veterinarian. We reserve the right to decline services for an aggressive animal.


Large Animal Patients

For large animal patients, expect 60 minutes for the initial examination. If sedation or nerve blocks are necessary, this time may be longer. 


We do not provide assistance for loading or unloading your animal. Please have appropriate personnel with you to load or unload your animal.


Bring all of your animal’s medications to the appointment. The animals most frequently evaluated at our large animal facility include horses, mules, llamas, and alpacas. If your large animal is difficult to treat or handle, we will request that your general veterinarian be present at the time of the eye examination as well.



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